The World Of L.I.S.A

Här efter följer några bilder på vår älskade honkatt S*Cortobelles Lisa, vår gråhårigaste men yngsta medlem i familjen ;)

The world does not change, you do.

Everything is beautiful, it is just harder to see the the beauty of ugly things.

The destiny of humanity rests in the faith of everyone of us.

I must weep, but they are cruel tears. This sorrow heavently, it strikes where it doth love.

Every rae of sunlight have a piece of shadow in it's light.

Alluring priestess.Night cant cloak your scarlet dream.Accept desires call.

Remember, darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good.

Spirit is what makes us unique.What gives us strength.And it is what lives on.When our bodies are no more.

Visst är min älskade misse söt? <333


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